Family Fun at the Winter Farmer’s Market

Yesterday was a real treat for my family and I. There is a local Farmer’s Market that takes place every weekend, which we had never attended. We often talked about going, but it was always an after-thought. I’m sure you’ve done something similar. There was something you thought would be neat to attend, but you never get around to it with everything else going on in your life. With the winter officially here, we knew we had missed our chance to go once again; however, we had quite the surprise recently. I was surfing Facebook and came to find something that I was not expecting.

There is a lovely little ice cream shop in a local city, which I follow on Facebook. You probably aren’t surprised by this considering how much I LOVE ice cream and you’ve probably assumed that I am up with the latest news on ice cream shops within a 25 mile radius. Either way, they had this very tasty looking picture displayed in one of their posts that called to me. It looked something like this picture:


An ice cream sandwich made with waffles. Can you say “drool worthy”? When I found out where to get myself one of these scrumptious little beauties, it was set in stone that we would be visiting the Winter Farmer’s Market one day. That one day, just happened to be yesterday and I wanted to take you all along with me on this journey with me.

The Winter Farmer’s Market is, thankfully, inside; though, today was a nice day and quite the change from the copious amounts of snow that has been being dumped on us as of late. The building was pretty busy with people tasting and buying products, but not too packed that it made you want to turn around and just forget the idea entirely. There were 40 different venders present from those selling baked goods to pickled items, furniture to bath soap and bee’s wax.farmersmarketcollage My family and I wondered the market for at least an hour. We tasted so many delicious items, I couldn’t even begin to tell you about them all, but they were tasty and you could tell they were fresh and homemade.

My mother and I actually did a little Christmas shopping while we were there as well. I must say that items were pretty reasonably priced consider the products were homemade. If you’re ever in the Lehigh Valley and the Winter Farmer’s Market is taking place—or even the Farmer’s Market that takes place during the spring/summer seasons—is taking place, I highly recommend checking it out. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s a nice experience and you can always pick a free sample or two…or maybe three.

Oh! Wondering if I got my waffle ice cream sandwich? I think this picture will give you the answer to that question:


Until next time!


Have you had the opportunity to visit a Farmer’s Market? What was your experience?

What was something fun you’ve recently done with your family?

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