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When Plans Don’t go as Planned

Whenever you go on a vacation, whether on your own or with your family, you always make plans. Plans for when you arrive at your destination, plans for what you’re going to do, and perhaps even plans for who you’re going to see when you get there. Unfortunately, these plans don’t always work out the way you had hoped. This past week, my in-laws came into town to visit with my husband and me and to see the One Direction concern at Hershey Park. Plans for this trip had been in the works for over a year, but before they even left home, their plans were thrown out the window.

The day before my in-laws were to leave, my husband’s grandmother had to be taken to the hospital due to heart complications. When we heard about this, we thought the trip would be called off, but thankfully his grandmother was okay and they were able to leave only a day later than originally expected. Thankfully, they were driving so they were able to be flexible and didn’t have to worry about trading in tickets. You would think that would be the least of their problems so early on in the trip, but not so much.

My niece had brought a friend along to go to the concert. This friend had apparently developed a cough just days earlier, one which doctors thought was the on-set of asthma. She was instructed (by the doctor and her mother) to take a puff of an inhaler if she was having trouble, which she did. When her mother found out about this, she flipped out and, at 2AM, decided to drive to where my in-laws had stopped for the night. Mind you, my in-laws had been on the road for about eight hours already. The mother had only sent a text to my mother-in-law instead of calling her and then would not speak with her when she attempted to reach her. The only thing the mother said was to leave her daughter at the hotel and continue on without her.

My in-laws were not about to leave the girl there by herself, so they waited for her mother to pick her up. Without a word, her mother picked her up and drove off. All of this, of course, delayed my family’s trip to Pennsylvania. They had originally hoped to arrive on the 1st for my husband’s birthday, which they were able to do, but not until about 10:30 that night. At least they made it after their plans were set off-course. They didn’t throw their hands up and say to forget the trip. Instead, they kept going.

One thing that I have learned from going on trips with my in-laws is that you have to go with the flow when things don’t go as planned. You should always have a plan B and maybe a plan C, D, E and F as well. Plans will not always pan out the way that you want them to, but instead of stressing out about it, you have to try to keep calm and carry on.

Keep Calm and Carry OnLet’s Ramble:

How do you handle when your plans don’t go the way you want them to?

What was the worst time when your plans didn’t go the way you had planned them to? What happened?

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Felicia is currently in pursuit of a Master’s degree in the field of Couples, Marital and Family Therapy. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, singing, watching television and movies, and writing. In addition, she is profoundly interested in the many aspects of family and relationships and for this reason Familial Ramblings was created.

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19 thoughts on “When Plans Don’t go as Planned

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    • Hello Gautham,

      Unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way they’re planned. That’s why you have to always be prepared. The saying usually goes “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst,” right?

      Thank you for commenting!

      Felicia would luv for you to read..Forgetful Friday Roundup #3My Profile

  2. When I plan a trip if things don’t go,as planned,I tend to freak out and get irritated. I’m learning (slowly) to chill out and go,with the flow. #SITSsharefest

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Jennice! I know what you mean. Depending on the situation, I have tendency to freak out a little bit too. I try to stay calm though since I seem to get more accomplished that way.
      Felicia would luv for you to read..How to Help Prevent KidnappingMy Profile

  3. Wow! What a tough situation! I admit I am not always great when things don’t go as planned. Before July 4th my car broke down exactly half way between NYC and Mass. It was incredibly difficult and I think I could have handled the situation better. I guess we live and learn!
    FitBritt would luv for you to read..New and Notable: The Fitness EditionMy Profile

    • There was actually more that happened too, but that would have made for a long post, haha. I’m actually in the process of writing about something else that I thought was going to ruin their vacation, but you’ll have to stop by to read that one later. I hate when cars break down, it’s such a pain. Did you make it to where you were going at least? I hope so!! Thank you for commenting, Britt. :)
      Felicia would luv for you to read..How to Help Prevent KidnappingMy Profile

  4. I really enjoyed this!! I’m one of those that if things change at all I panic haha Maybe if I planned ahead with a plan b or c, I may be able to handle it better!
    Sara Howe would luv for you to read..Menu Plan MondayMy Profile

  5. I hope that you enjoyed your visit with the in-laws. I take things in stride and try to not worry when things go unplanned. Things can be shifted, re-scheduled, or skipped depending on what is going on.
    Christy Garrett would luv for you to read..By: ChristyMy Profile

    • I did; though, it was extremely stressful and I ended up gaining about 10lbs. I need to start using your way of thinking, just letting the chips fall where they may so that things can be re-scheduled and shifted around. Thanks for stopping in, Christy!
      Felicia would luv for you to read..When Plans Don’t go as PlannedMy Profile

  6. My plans rarely go the way I want them to, something almost always come up to change it. Because of that, I tend to avoid making definite plans with people. “Maybe” and “we’ll see” have become my favorite words! haha.
    Geoffrey would luv for you to read..Staying involved as a commuter studentMy Profile

    • I’ve noticed that it’s generally my family plans that never go right. If I’m on my own, things are generally okay; though, there are of course times where those plans also go up in flames. Haha, I think “we’ll see” is one that I often use.
      Felicia would luv for you to read..When Plans Don’t go as PlannedMy Profile

  7. I think your story is a perfect example of how things can get off course. I have found with my family that the more people we have participating in the event, the more likely for things to change. And that’s okay. I try to level my expectations that nothing will go perfect. When you have a group of people together, someone will be late, someone will be early, and someone will not end up not being able to make it at the last minute. Expecting the unexpected helps me just laugh when it happens.
    Stevie would luv for you to read..A Seat at My TableMy Profile

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Stevie! I completely agree with you. We took a trip last year to Florida and there were 9 of us, it didn’t go well. I quickly learned that nothing was going to go as planned and threw all previously made plans out the window.
      Felicia would luv for you to read..When Plans Don’t go as PlannedMy Profile