Say “Goodbye” to Disqus and “Hello” to CommentLuv!

Previously I made a post about using a new commenting system called Disqus.  I originally installed it in hopes that it would make commenting easier, when in actuality, it seemed to make commenting more difficult for some; furthermore, I had to put a lot of trust in the company for hosting all of the lovely comments I get.  However because of some recent technical issues I’ve been seemingly having due to using Disqus—comments getting eaten and not showing up being my main issue—I’ve decided to uninstall the plugin.  So, here on Familial Ramblings, we are again using WordPress’ default commenting system.  What does this mean?  You have to fill out two to three lines when you leave a comment, not a huge sacrifice in my opinion; at least you know your comments won’t get eaten.  Now, I can hear you asking me what is this “CommentLuv” I speak of in the title and I’m glad you asked!

CommentLuv is a new system I’ve put in place to benefit all of those who comment on my blog.  It’s a fantastic plugin, created by Andy Bailey, which I’ve been reading about for the past few days.  With CommentLuv, if you leave a comment on Familial Ramblings, you are able to select from a list of your 10 most recent blog posts to choose to be displayed below your comment.  These links are “Do-Follow” links, meaning it’ll help you with link building and SEO.  So, you may be wondering what possessed me to add this new plugin.

I wanted a way to say “thank you” to those who do leave comments on my blog.  You’ll never know how much I truly appreciate when you stop by and take the time to read and comment on Familial Ramblings.  It means a great deal to me and I wanted to give back.  I thought this would be one a great way of doing that.  I hope that you enjoy CommentLuv and I hope that you keep coming back to read my posts and leave me some comments!


P.S.  Please do not abuse this system!  Remember to leave comments that are relevant to the topic of the post otherwise your comment may be removed without warning.


Let’s Chat!

What are your thoughts on the new installation of CommentLuv and the removal of Disqus?


Leave a comment letting me know your thoughts!  I’ll either respond to your comment below or address your comment in a new post.

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Felicia is currently in pursuit of a Master’s degree in the field of Couples, Marital and Family Therapy. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, singing, watching television and movies, and writing. In addition, she is profoundly interested in the many aspects of family and relationships and for this reason Familial Ramblings was created.

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37 thoughts on “Say “Goodbye” to Disqus and “Hello” to CommentLuv!

  1. I agree, commenting this way is much easier. I also find the page load time in Disqus FAR slower! After reading some posts like like I’m trying commentLuv out on some of my sites and keeping Disqus on the others – depending on how it goes I might switch to one or the other. Thanks for the review.
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  2. Hi!
    I found your blogpost while searching for people who made the move from Diqus to CommentLuv. Thanks for convincing me, but I do have one important question: when making the transfer, did the system automatically pull all the existing comments into the CommentLuv system? In other words, what did you have to do to make sure no existing comments were lost?

    Thanks for letting me know!
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    • Hi, Emiel and welcome to Familial Ramblings!

      Comments are actually still hosted on your blog even if you’re using Disqus so all of your comments will still be there when you switch. I would certainly suggest making a backup before you make the switch though, just to be on the safe side in case something goes wrong. But when I made the switch, things went really smoothly and I didn’t have any problem with losing comments or anything like that.

      I hope that helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here or send me an email!
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  3. Hi! I am new to your blog. I was researching CommentLuv VS Disqus and I saw your post :)
    I was hoping to find something like Disqus or Intense Debate that works alongside CommentLuv. I dont think thats possible.
    I am self hosted WP.
    When I use my “stock” comment form I dont get the set up like you have. I love this form.
    Its probably my theme.
    What does DOFOLLOW being bad mean?
    I am learning a lot about these thinhs. SEO, ppings, trackbacks, linkbacks, etc.
    I am loving WP though.
    I think Im going with CL :)
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    • Hi, Bella, and welcome to Familial Ramblings!

      The way your comments look probably does have to do with the theme. If you want the form to look different, you can have someone tinker with the coding (unless of course you know how to go in which case you can do it yourself). I’m sure there are probably comment form plugins as well that you can look for that will go well with CommentLuv.

      There’s nothing wrong with dofollow links and actually they’re preferred by most because then Google will use those links to rank pages. There is a ton of information out there on the differences and advantages of dofollow links. If you need any help finding resources, feel free to send an email my way and I’ll help you the best that I can! :)
      Felicia would luv for you to read..Trouble with the In-LawsMy Profile

    • I’ve certainly seen some improvements with using CommentLuv! Good luck with it and to turn off disqus, you could just deactivate it via the plugin page. :) If you need any help, feel free to send me an email!
      Felicia would luv for you to read..Surviving the Graduation CeremonyMy Profile

    • Hi Brian, thanks for commenting! I hope that my article was able to help you at least to some extent! I absolutely love CommentLuv and would recommend it to anyone. It was a really great decision for my blog to move to it over from Disqus. Good luck with making your decision and with your blog!
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  4. Have been considering changing to commentluv mostly because I rarely get comments on my site. New site to be fair but can see how commentluv would encourage interaction. Slightly concerned about dofollow though. I always thought DoFollow links devalue the content of the post? This could hurt for posts with a lot of comments / dofollow?

    • Hi Allan! You have the ability to edit the dofollow settings with CommentLuv. If you’re concerned about them harming your post(s), you can turn off the dofollow feature. On my blog, I have it set up so that not everyone gets the dofollow link. They only gain that ability if they’ve made so many comments. There are a lot of great settings with CommentLuv and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering it.

  5. I have used Comment Luv since I switched to a self hosted WordPress format. I like the options of seeing my visitors last post, and a quick click leads me there. I was thinking about Disqus but it took away all my previous comments when I tried it out, so back to Comment Luv.
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    • Comment Luv is absolutely great in my opinion and I’m so glad that I was introduced to it! Disqus was nice when I used it at first, but it had flaws that I couldn’t overlook. Thank you for commenting! :)

  6. I recently shifted from tumblr domain and got into WordPress and SEO. I was trying to find the best commenting system. The benefits of CommentLuv are quite obvious, thanks for the post it helped me to validate that.
    Have a nice day.

  7. I’m commenting just for the backlink to my site… That’s why I DON’T use CommentLuv on my site — most comments are likely to just be comments so that they have a link on your site back to theirs. It’s what is known as Junk Traffic — won’t get you hardly anywhere in terms of clicks etc.

    The article on my site has to do with this topic, whereas others have nothing to do with it. That is my big problem with and the reason why I won’t use CL on my own site.

    • At least you’re being honest as to why you decided to stop by Familial Ramblings, which I appreciate. Though I understand your argument, it could be used with the most basic WordPress commenting system considering you can add a url for a backlink through that as well. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to use CommentLuv, but I enjoy it and I don’t mind rewarding those who comment quality comments on my blog with a backlink. To each his own, if you don’t want to use it, that’s your choice, but I choose to use it and I like it.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your opinion. :)

  8. I’ve been debating whether to switch to Disqus – I currently have CommentLuv Premium but it’s never worked entirely correctly for me. I do like commenting on Disqus blogs, as it is definitely quick & easy, but CommentLuv is almost as easy and frankly, as you said, the extra line or two of typing is worth it, if Disqus loses comments. Thanks for this info – really helpful
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    • I hope this post has helped you with your decision. I really did like Disqus, but it kept messing up for me and I was losing comments so I had to try something else. If you’re having trouble with CommentLuv Premium, I would suggest going to the support site. Andy is really helpful with fixing things and finding answers for you. Good luck and thank you for stopping by!

  9. Hello Felicia,

    Actually, I’m finding a great comment system for my blog which is mytechdroidblog dot com. I’m having trouble choosing between Disqus and Commentluv and I read a lot of blogs that praises Disqus then on the other it praises Commentluv or dislike one of them. Obviously, if you’re the one that I will ask you will choose commentluv. Maybe I will follow the advice of my friends and also you that chose Commentluv over Disqus. Thanks for sharing your experience using Disqus which only makes problems in your blog. It helped me a lot!

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    • I have to admit that I enjoyed using Disqus at first; however, it started causing problems for commenters so I had to remove it. It’s always best to give them both a try and see what works best for you. CommentLuv has worked wonders for me and I’d recommend it to anyone to use.

  10. Well this is my second attempt. After writing my comment the first time I got a message saying I had too many words in my name! So I have eliminated my middle name from Liz Fletcher Brown and am trying again. I was commenting about how much I like commentluv, but now I am reserving my judgement to see if this posts :)
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    • Yeah, Comment Luv allows you to chose how many letters in a name one may have. This helps to keep spammers at bay. Also, if you tried posting previously, I may have mistaken it to be spam message, so you’ll have to blame my human error, not Comment Luv. :) I’m glad you enjoy using it, it’s a great tool in my opinion.

  11. Pingback: Welcome CommentLuv Premium!

    • It really seems to be working out well and is a great way to give a little “thank you” to those who leave comments.

  12. I agree with Naiwen on the switchover from Disqus to CommentLuv; I’ve never liked Disqus from its’ start…then again, I’ve always been partial to Blogger’s comment style, so go figure.

    • I’m glad you like the change. ^^ If I would have known people weren’t into Disqus, I would have changed it sooner, haha.

  13. Thank god for the change eh… I didn’t want to suffer anymore commenting via Disqus, dunno why people like it tbh.

    • People generally enjoy having the ability to comment via Facebook or Twitter. They find it to be easier than typing in their name and email address each time from my understanding. So, I gave it a try and it worked okay, but not well enough for me to hold onto it.

      • Yep… but I like commenting this way, its easier for me… but yeah, I like Twitter commenting more because more incognito and anonymous and etc.