Familial Ramblings’ Second Blogiversary!

Can you believe that another year is almost over? It seems like just yesterday I was writing my annual, “Not in 2013” post. There was one very important event that also took place last year. Do you remember what it was? If not, don’t worry because I’m just going to tell you, just in case you forgot or you weren’t reading Familial Ramblings at that time. A year ago today, we celebrated Familial Rambling’s one year blogiversary! It seems like only yesterday I was opening Familial Ramblings, writing my first post and now it’s time to celebrate celebrate Familial Ramblings 2nd blogiversary!! Keep reading if you want to see what I have planned for this year’s celebration!

As you have surely figured out, Familial Ramblings first came to be on December 28th, 2011. This date has a few other particular important aspects behind it, but I won’t go into that because we’d be here for a while. It still amazes me how far my “little” idea to start writing a blog about family has gotten me. So much has happened—especially during this past year—in regards to blogging and Familial Ramblings’ evolution. I have now been to two different conferences: Bloggy Boot Camp and BloggyCon. I have also had the opportunity to host guest posts and even giveaways.

When I first started Familial Ramblings, I never expected that it would come as far as it has and I am excited to see how far it goes. None of this would be possible without all of YOU, my readers and for that, I thank you. There was a bit of a rough patch at one point when I honestly did not think I was going to continue forward with Familial Ramblings. But I put on my “big girl pants” and here I am, celebrating a second year of blogging. You may be wondering what to expect with the near year right around the corner and if not, just skip this paragraph, but you’ll be missing out!

Familial Ramblings has already come so far in its short life, but I hope that it continues to grow as the year goes on. Most of all, I hope to continue to connect with others in order to aid them in what they may be going through, which has always been the purpose behind Familial Ramblings. In regards to what I have planned to come, the first thing on my to-do list is to bring back the ‘Ask Felicia’ weekly column, so please email me your questions! I hope and plan to host more giveaways, in addition to posting more often about family, relationships and, of course, random ramblings. Other than that, I will probably play it by ear and see how the chips fall. I just hope that you all stick with me through this journey.

In honor of the celebration and to thank all of you, I have decided to host a giveaway. Not a huge one (broke college student here), but just a little something. A GIVEAWAY! Now, I know you may have been hoping for a little bit more, but again, I’m a broke college student, so bear with me. I will be giving away $25 either via PayPal or giftcard (your choice if you win). It’s the least I could do and hopefully there will be more giveaways coming soon with bigger prizes, but you’ll have to keep reading to find out. So, without further ado, let’s get this giveaway started!
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Thank you again to all of my loyal readers!! Here’s to Familial Ramblings and to another year of blogging!



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Felicia is currently in pursuit of a Master’s degree in the field of Couples, Marital and Family Therapy. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, singing, watching television and movies, and writing. In addition, she is profoundly interested in the many aspects of family and relationships and for this reason Familial Ramblings was created.

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