Top 5 Unforgettable Childhood Memories

Being a child is great fun. The problem with childhood is that we only actually realize how great it was when we become an adult. Growing up, we scoff at adults when they tell us that childhood are the best years of our life, itching to have responsibility and independence and not have people telling us what to do what feels like every minute of every day.

Still, it is fair to say that we don’t exactly waste our childhood. We might want to forget some parts of our childhood, but we will also have a number of rich memories we carry with us all throughout life. What are the best ones?

Fireworks Displays

Whether it is Guy Fawkes’ Night in the United Kingdom, Fourth of July in the United States, or a fireworks festival anywhere else in the world, these are definitely something that give us excellent memories of growing up.

There is just something about fireworks when you are a child that captivates you and holds your attention, drawing you in so much that few things can match the disappointment we feel when it is time to go home and wait until next year. Every kid has their own favourite firework, too, whether it be a Roman Candle, a Catherine Wheel, or a traditional rocket, which stays with them longer than anything else does.

Sports with Friends

It is great when you’re a footloose and fancy-free child who can go out and do what you want, especially when it involves spending time with friends following some sort of sporting activity.

Whether it is riding around the neighbourhood on a bicycle, running around the local park, or specifically playing a particular sport or game, our active adventures are great childhood memories that we never forget.

Fun Days Out

Whether it was with our parents, grandparents, or on an organized school trip, we all have a particular day out, or a collection of them, that we remember well from when we were children.

The best thing about remembering these is that it isn’t always the best ones that are the most memorable. There might have been a trip to the zoo when it rained all day, or a dodgy coach that broke down on the way home after a long day!

First Day at School

Okay, so people might not necessarily remember their very first day at school, but they will always have an early memory of something related to their early learning days. This might be crying on your first day, seeing a friend upset and thinking how grown up you were because you weren’t, or how you felt when you realized, even at the age of five, that you have at least another thirteen years of this sitting in a classroom, learning.

Our Favourite Toys

Some people loved their toys so much that, even today, when they’re walking around Toys ‘R’ Us they still find themselves stopping to reminisce whenever they come across their favourite doll or action figure.

Some even might continue to collect their favourite toys, or have them secretly stashed away in the attic so no one knows they didn’t really donate them to the church jumble sale.

Still, as long as they aren’t secretly playing with your favourite Avengers figure from time to time, we can let that lie.

About the Author:

Stuart Green is still a child at heart, although he doesn’t have any old toys in the attic from his younger days. He does still enjoy fireworks displays, especially when he sees a roman candle that reminds him of attending similar displays with his parents. Stuart still plays football with friends, too, although it is not the same as it used to be.

Photo Credit: Lisa M Photography
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