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3 Benefits of Counseling

Since deciding to go into the counseling profession, I’ve heard a lot of reasons as to why people don’t want to go into counseling. People feel like it makes them seem weak. They feel that what is said during a session will be leaked to the public and that they may seem crazy, for example.  Some people don’t take the time to think about the benefits that can come with counseling. Counseling can aid people in changing their lives for the better; though, it can take time to do this. For example, if you want to change the way you perceive others, it may take longer than if you want to communicate more effectively. Since deciding to become a counselor, I’ve come to notice a few key reasons someone begins counseling.

To Talk

Have you ever tried to talk to someone and felt as though you weren’t being listened to? When you go to your therapy sessions, this is not something that you will experience. If you experience this, then I suggest finding a new therapist. One of the key reasons someone goes to counseling is to have someone that they can talk to that they know will listen.

Furthermore, people are often concerned that when they tell someone confidential information that it will become tomorrow’s gossip. When you go to see a therapist, you should have faith and feel secure that your therapist will not tell anyone what you said.

You are protected by confidentiality. Therapists are not able to share your information with others without your consent. The only exception to this is information which suggests you might do harm to yourself or others.

Difference of Perspective

By talking to a therapist and expressing yourself, you may also find a new perspective on a given situation.

Sometimes we get stuck looking at situations in a certain way. This is usually because we base our understanding of current situations on our past experiences. When you go to see a therapist, you may be challenged to look at a current situation with a different perspective or to look at the bigger picture.

For example, if you see yourself as a failure, a counselor may point out your accomplishments. By doing this, you will be able to see that you have had successes throughout your life. Your therapist may even go as far as having you write down your successes, mapping them out so that you can visually see what has led to your previous success and how to replicate that in your current situation.

Instead of being stuck looking at a situation in the same way that you’ve always looked at it, therapists will help you to branch out so that you can get have a different perspective. Hopefully by looking at your situation in a different way, it will also help you solve problems that you may have been experiencing.

Problem Resolution

Generally people go to counseling in order to fix a problem that they are experiencing—whether it is having difficulty dealing with the loss of a loved one, communication problems with a spouse or loved one, or coping with depression. A therapist will be able to help you to work through the problems and situations that you are experiencing, but it will take time.

Many go into counseling thinking that they’ll be able to attend one session and all of their problems will disappear, but, unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Counseling takes time and effort. You have to be ready and willing to make a change when you enter into counseling and if you aren’t, then it may fail. Your therapist wants to help you and is willing to put in the work even if you aren’t. At the end of the day, however, it’s up to you as to whether or not you want the help and if you are going to work at changing your life.

Seeking help can be scary. There are always some reserves to be had. You may be concerned about your privacy, that you will be perceived as being weak or that counseling won’t help you. Concerns are normal, but at the end of the day it can be beneficial not only you, but also your family.

Let’s Ramble:

Have you ever sought out counseling? What benefits did you find that came from it.

If you didn’t feel as though counseling was beneficial, what caused you to feel that way?

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Felicia is currently in pursuit of a Master’s degree in the field of Couples, Marital and Family Therapy. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, singing, watching television and movies, and writing. In addition, she is profoundly interested in the many aspects of family and relationships and for this reason Familial Ramblings was created.

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29 thoughts on “3 Benefits of Counseling

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  2. Never thought that I’d be able to vouch for all of the great things that counseling can do for a person and family. You’re right! Counseling/Therapy allows you to see things from a different perspective. For my daughter and I, it’s considered neutral ground. It ‘s a place where I’m no longer the mother and she’s the daughter, we’re on equal footing. She’s able to say any and everything that she needs to without me interrupting, getting mad, telling her she’s wrong, or criticizing her.
    It has worked wonders in our lives. We still have a ways to go, but it’s looking up!
    Mariann would luv for you to read..Mirena Is Driving Me Bat Crazy…..I Think?!My Profile

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Mariann! I’m glad to hear that counseling has been a help to you and your daughter. It certainly takes time, but it sounds like you’re already making a lot of progress. I wish you all the best with it! :)
      Felicia would luv for you to read..No-bake Strawberry Tiramisu Trifle #RecipeMy Profile

  3. I actually am trying to convince my family to seek counseling because we have been at each others,throats for the last two years. No one wants to do it and I feel like it’s silly for me to,go,by myself because the issue includes my family members. Thanks for this post! #SITSsharefest

    • Thank you for sharing, Jennice, I appreciate you doing that. You could always start out going to counseling by yourself and maybe you would be able to get some suggestions as to how to lessen the arguing. Or maybe once you go and share your experience with your family they’ll be more willing to join you. The hardest part, I’ve heard, is getting your family to go in the first place. But even if you can’t get them all to go, it may still be beneficial to you.
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  4. So many times I have thought counseling might be beneficial. Finding a counselor I like and money are the two biggest things that hold me back. I grew up with a grandma who regularly went to a therapist, this helped me to perceive counseling as a positive thing. Best of luck with your career. Visiting from SITS
    Laura would luv for you to read..The Lesson of In BetweenMy Profile

    • Thank you for commenting and sharing, Laura. It really can be difficult finding a counselor and finding the right counselor at that. Money is another issue I usually hear of, but there are some counselors out that that have sliding scales to make it more affordable. I’m glad to hear that your grandmother had such a good experience and I hope if you find a counselor that it’s a good experience for you too!
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  5. This is so awesome… I was a therapist for years in psychiatric inpatient. I absolutely agree with your points here. BRAVO for helping those who need it and for this lovely encouragement for people to find help! visiting from SITS!!!
    Chris Carter would luv for you to read..Collective Blog Hop!My Profile

  6. Thanks for sharing……………I believe that you don’t have to go to a professional in some instances. Sometimes talking to someone else eases the burden of what ails you. Or talking to another person to get a new perspective on a problem you are having.

    • Hi, Sandy, thank you for commenting! I agree that professional help isn’t always necessary and other friends and family members can help in the situations. However, there are cases where it’s better to get a perspective from someone from outside of your circle to avoid any sort of bias in order to give you that outside perspective.
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  7. I started counseling to deal with some of the issues my mothers alcoholism left. I really didn’t realize how it might be affecting me until i started talking about it and then reacting to things differently. its really worth trying.

  8. Just a couple weeks ago I was having a conversation with my husband and a friend about this very topic. We were all saying that everyone could benefit from counseling, for one reason or another. It’s a shame there is such a stigma attached to it, as if admitting that there is something wrong with you if you go. I tend to be pretty anxious sometimes, and I went for about a year and it was great and I definitely felt like it helped. It’s great to have a space that is all about you and to talk about whatever you want.
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  9. I think sometimes we need to talk to someone that is outside of our circle – getting a different perspective and being allowed to speak freely is helpful.

  10. My biggest problem with counseling is telling a stranger – even a qualified one – my deepest secrets and problems. I’m not one to let anything out, so telling someone I hardly know something would be a pipe dream.
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    • In my honest opinion, I don’t think anyone goes into counseling ready and willing to tell a stranger their deepest secrets and problems. Most counselors don’t expect for that to happen either, at least the ones I’ve met. Counseling is about building a relationship, building trust and helping you to solve your problems. Even if you don’t tell the counselor your innermost secrets and thoughts, you can probably still gain some insight just from going. At least that’s been my experience (from going), of course I can’t speak for everyone though.
      Felicia would luv for you to read..3 Benefits of CounselingMy Profile

  11. I commend you Felicia for going into the counseling profession. It takes a strong minded person for this field of study. You go girl with your baaaaad self! :D

    • Thank you for commenting, Christy, and sharing your experience! Counseling certainly has a bad rep to it, but if you find the right connection it can make a world of difference.
      Felicia would luv for you to read..3 Benefits of CounselingMy Profile